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the debate we have to be talking not about bane and mitt romney's money and whether mitt romney cares about 47% of the country. we have to be talking about the president's performance, what thate president should have, could have done and what mitt romney wants to do over the next month and how that is different from how barack obama would handle a second term. >> these debates can change the dynamics. we've had 10 presidential elections with televised debates. in three of them one candidate went into the first debate leading and another candidate came out of the last debate leading much it's turnedded campaigns in 1960 and 1980 and in 2000. so it can be done but it's a high task for sure. >> remember, we've been campaigning or we haven't been campaigning but the candidates have been campaigning for six months now. >> woodruff: do you agree with susan that a debate can change the trajectory of a race? >> i do. i think it can but it doesn't... it wasn't automatically change a trajectory. something significant has to happen. one of the contestants, one of the debaters has to say something tha
of all of the polls that have been out lately there has been some movement of republican money. there have been in fact fox business news is reporting that some of mitt romney's new york donors are taking their money to the house and senate. and that trend reflects an increasing level of anxiety both with the nature of the romney campaign, and polls show president obama has a lead in swing states that some republicans think is insurmountable. do you think it's too soon? >> yes. you are going to see some anxiety, you are at a football game, and people start leaving for the exits way too early. >> jennifer: i think we're going to have to follow the money. though. peter after all of the millions that have already been donated how important it is for campaigns to get new funds with a month to go especially if there is a feeling that you are in a ship that is sinking? >> it is really important because you really need that last-minute push and it's not just television advertising, or the big bucks for station voters. it's to open the offices for the last month
financial commitments to the romney campaign and instead said they will spend their money to help the republicans hold on to the house of represents and pick up seats in the senate. the debates will be very important, said one person with knowledge of the matter. if romney does well, that money could come back. >>> new jersey's governor, chris christie the current front runner for the presidential nomination 2016 has decided his job is to state the obvious. >> it's a huge night. we've had a bad couple of weeks and we want to turn this around and if you want to turn it around you've got to perform on the stage. they try to say the president is not that good a debater or mitt romney is a little scared of the president. those are the professional consultants and politicians who get paid to spin you guys. that's not what my job is. it's a big night. >> on sunday, chris christie promised a completely changed political universe by thursday. >> and this whole race is going to be turned upside down come thursday morning. i have absolute confidence that when we get to thursday morning you'
private business entrepreneur who have played up money. some know mitt romney want to be there. some are his givers to our big supporters of barack obama in 2008 but have soured on obama and switched team. some come from industries that have significant government al.erest in oil, gas, or co there is seed money from payday lenders. whenre hoping for a romney a. in. on the democratic side there's not a collection of people appeared that does not mean and no point in the future will there be a large amount of what the liberals. in this cycle, it is very and even. the saving grace of the president is that he proved in 2008 uniquely able to raise enormous amounts of money in small amounts from enormous amount of people. we are talking 3 million donors for his campaign. just to give you an idea on how it compares to romney, this is their reports that came up primarily fund-raising through the end of august. barack obama raised $147 million of his primary dollars from people who gave under to wonder dollars. these are people mostly going online -- $200. these are most of people going on li
like veterans arans and the poor. governor romney would replace them with a fixed grant of money to each state. that would give states more flexibility. but that funding would come with some risk. >> in the end, it often becomes an excuse just for cutting resources, and we've already cut resources so dramatically in this area. the cuts are as steep as 90% compared to 30 years ago when these programs peaked. >> reporter: when congress gets back to budget talks next year, there's a good chance job training will be cut even further. but there is bipartisan agreement that the money we do spend on job training should be used more effectively. darren gersh, nbr, washington. >> tom: tomorrow on nbr, we'll continue our look at job training with an on-the-job training program helping pay companies to train new workers. then, ahead of the first presidential debate, we'll break down what to watch and listen to on the economy from the two candidates. >> susie: when it comes to sports, the competition isn't limited to the playing field. electronic arts is learning how you can lose and win wit
franchise, but his taxes. and he knows that if romney wins, he stands to receive a windfall of money when his taxes are slashed by 20%. and that's why this fall he's not betting on coach rex ryan. his money is on paul ryan. but there's a final reason for why woody johnson doesn't need to worry about his flailing franchise. it's called redistribution, the very mechanism described as socialism by the nfl commissioner that allows his franchise to keep financially thriving even if the team doesn't win another game. that's why woody johnson can gamble on mitt romney, because johnson wins even
the rank and file voters must be duped but they must be enraged. >> you have seen some real money management issues. remember all the stories that mitt romney was going to outspend barack obama by vast sums of money. and then we learned that the campaign didn't have quite as much money as we thought they had. and so maybe it's about competence. >> e.j., let me ask you one more question. you saw ed shultz broadcasting from denver tonight. i'm jealous he's having a post-show party in a bar with people. the romney campaign is telegraphing they need to have a clean win, that they need to absolutely turn the momentum around. they are not trying to lower expectations because they need to be reassuring supporters. is that wise to set up the debate that way? >> no. if i were there, i would say we need a three-debate strategy and we're going to begin to lay the groundwork and you'll see us move rather than lay it on the line here. in order to do that, i think they they not only need romney to have a great debate, but president obama needs to make a mistake. you can be sure he's going to be
. there's a report that says that romney is beginning to lose donors who were shifting their money to house and senate races. what's going on here? is this starting to take it its toll on the campaign? >> yes. in many ways what mitt romney's challenge is on wednesday night is to stop the bleeding within his own party and within his own camp. absolutely. behind the scenes, republicans are very worried. some are saying so publically. if mitt romney doesn't reassure them within the first half hour of the debate, they are goners. now you're seeing already, a lot of the independent super pacs who are blessed with their own money are going elsewhere. they are desperately trying to keep a low margin in the senate. the democrats still hold it. republicans have faint hopes of taking it. they are looking at governors races, state legislatures, they are look at any place to protect themselves from what, at this minute, looks like a fairly comfortable win for president obama. that could change. it could still change. i have to stress. but there's nothing in the romney strategy so far that indi
here. romney and ryan will give $5 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthiest americans. subtract an unspecified amount of money of unnamed deductions. somehow you're going to get a revenue neutral tax plan. it's a plan so bogus not even a fox news host can understand it. >> you haven't given me the math. >> i don't have the -- it would take me too long to go through the math. >> paul ryan, paul ryan, if you want to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, you're going to have to explain your plans to the american people. take all the time you want. especially here on "the ed show." you guys have been complaining about media fairness preponderance let's talk it over. today paul ryan told a radio host in milwaukee why he wouldn't give chris wallace the math. >> you know, i like chris. i didn't want to get into all of the math of this because everybody would start changing the channel. >> so nice of paul ryan to be concerned about chris wallace's ratings rather than presenting the details of his plan to the voters. paul ryan is the chairman of the house budget committee and he can't
. >> john: i've been touting your credentials as being for my money, the foremost mitt romney expert. you've devoted a big chunk of your life to following this man and studying him very closely. [ laughter ] >> that's right. i've been on the trail with him for the past year. >> john: you're one of the most informed journalists when it comes to writing about his mormon faith as well. and do you think that you've seen his faith really playing out in this campaign in subtle ways or do you think he's tried to hide it? >> well, i think he did for awhile -- a good portion of the primary certainly and into the general election he didn't talk about it very much. at all. he did try to kind of hide it. and you know, there were political reasons for that also. i think that it was kind of a one part of his life that he had -- had decided not to let become politicized and so for awhile, he talked about it. but i think there was a pivot point in the republican convention. that last night where they kind of invited a lot of former
romney did have an event tonight. a rally at the wings the rockies in denver. republican nominee has been in all weekend preparing for the debate. see if that fiscal be cushioned with a of taxpayer money. >> police in prince boomtown said someone is going around ripping peoples and jewelry of while they are wearing it. ripping peoples and jewelry of while t[ male announcer ]. for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow w options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage paym,ents, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how impmportant cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. a jury keep on the loose in prince william county tonight. is rippingect necklaces right off the victims. tom, tell us about this. >> i am on cover stone drive and in onese are happening little area. so thaten to block or another happened about a mile from here. police say folks wearing is coming this guy and ripping off the necklace and running away. with one of his victim
say the economy has stalled. we're going to break it down. >>> plus oil companies throw money at mitt romney like there is no tomorrow. but a new study shows their business is actually better with a democrat in the white house. we have the surprising details. >>> two of america's greatest pastimes together. football and victoria secret models. why the nfl blitz by the underwear company might be pure business brilliance. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines a surprise surge in u.s. manufacturing gave stocks a triple digit boost. that was early on though and it trade faded. the dow closed up 77 points. one possible reason, ben beanke. the fed chairman defended his money printing ways today but he also said congress must do more to ss ace the recovery. >>> american express will pay more tan $112 million. regulators allege that amex misled customers about debt collected, discriminated against certain card applicants and charged improper late fees. are we in a recession right here, right now? our own peter barne
. charlie gasparino is here with breaking news on this story. here's what is also money tonight. president obama and mitt romney getting ready to face off in the first presidential debate. one man who didn't get an invitation? libertarian presidential candidate, gary johnson of the he will join us here live. >>> plus an influential coal miners union says it won't endorse president obama's slamming the administration's war on coal. will this be a deciding factor in the election? >>> houses of millionaires collecting unemployment checks? does that make sense to you? even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: so here's look at the day's market headlines. spain's prime minister denying speculation that a spanish bailout request is imminent. stocks pared early session gains following the news and the dow closed down 32 points on the day. >>> a mixed picture for u.s. auto sales in september. chrysler posted a strong 12% year-over-year gain. general motors saw a tepid 1.5% advance and ford sales were basically flat. >>> shares of metropcs skyrocketed nearly 18%. deutsche telek
promises, ideas, not lots of big results. the frustration in the romney camp those attacks have not worked over the last couple months. spent a lot of money on advertising to make that very case and so far it's not breaking through. largely because of a lot of missteps on romney's part have overshadowed some of the media scrutiny of president obama. >> one of the biggest missteps likely the 47,000 -- >> 47%. >> 47%, rather. that clearly is something that is going to be front and center of the debate when he's got to somehow try to persuade people that he cares about them, empathetic and he isn't writing off half the electorate. >> a reason if you live in northern virginia like i do you can't watch a program without seeing that ad now that obama campaign is running where they use the voiceover of him talking about the 47% and putp up those images of the people covered by the 47%. very effective. lots of polling over the last couple days that show that message is really breaking through, that people are aware of this debate over his comments and that it's hurting mitt romney because it plays
, they will be voting for one of two things. the free marketplace, capitalistic approach espoused by mitt romney or the social justice spread the money around approach championed by the president. america is a changing country, that's why n bad economy president obama is hanging tough. and that's the memo. now for the tore story tonight. preparing for the big debate. president obama training in nevada. you may have heard my opponent and i are going to have a debate i'm looking forward to it? >> we are too. >> the media is speculating who is going to have the best zingers, governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay mitt romney already in denver prepping for wednesday's big event. with us now is fox news senior analyst brit hume. i think the expectations for this debated are too high. people, particularly conservative americans, republicans are kinding expecting mitt romney to go out there and do something. i don't know if that's even possible right now. the public broadly speaking expects mitt romney to win. low expectations i suppose. the history as your comments suggest is that debates do
there and argued over and over for four years. the question is how romney says he will, not going to lose money cutting taxes because he is going to take away loopholes. he refuses to answer one question about the loophole. obama will push him. he should. >> greg: mitt has to say why did you cancel pipeline with 8.2% unemployment? >> bob: i'll answer if that if you answer which loopholes you will cut? >> dana: there you go again. >> bob: simple question, what loopholes are you going to cut on wealthy people? coming up, president obama uses heavy, heavy hollywood hitters in a new ad. ♪ >> women will help decide this election. >> i find a champion in president obama. >> i'm standing few for future of my daughter -- standing up for future of my daughter. >> bob: i don't know who those women are, but andrea will let us know who they are. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. we'll be back here. ♪ ♪ >>> i'm bret baier in denver. the big story the ongoing preparation for wednesday's first presidential debate. tonight on "special report," what we can expect from both sides. the president tryin
, the notion that both obama and romney are arguing over who is going to spend more money on medicare when we need to have a raging debate and discussion on how we/medicare spending. i believe we will find ourselves in the midst of a monetary collapse as a result of borrowing and spending money to the tune of 43 cents of every dollar that we have spent. >> what is your prescription? >> we took it from a fee-for-service model to a managed care model and hundreds of millions of dollars were saved, i believe, if the federal government would have block printed the state of new mexico 43% less money, done away with all of the strings in the mandate, that i could have effectively overseeing the delivery of health care to the poor. i think you apply that same template to medicare and give the federal government out of the health care business completely, give it to the states, in this case, block grants that balance expenditures, and that is how we are going to get out of it. giving it up to the states, 50 laboratories of innovation and best practices, that's exactly what we will have. fabulous succ
whatever it wants with the money, the super pac not linked to the campaign at all so not ideal for the campaign. the romney campaign, $86 million raised. the pro romney super pac, $41 million. and american ross kroeds, affiliate with karl rove, $58.7 million. so you can add that up and get a big number or say if karl rove doesn't like how mitt romney does tomorrow night, he could give a lot of that $60 million, the biggest chunk of change, to, i don't know, senate candidates, congressional candidates, and not romney. >> that's right, erin. there are a lot of republicans and democrats who are very closely watching what these outside groups -- and it's not just the super pacs we have the money for and the finances. but also these 5014 c nonprofit groups raising a ton more money, the karl rove gps, the koch brothers, americans for prosperity. and there is a feeling that if mitt romney starts to look like he can't win, that they will pull the plug on him, and start diverting the money that they otherwise would have spent on his campaign, on congressional campaigns, and that really
and romney are arguing over who's going to spend more money on medicare when we need to have a raging debate and discussion in this country on how we slash medicare spending because if we don't, um, i believe that we're going to find ourselves in the midst of a monetary collapse as a result of continuing to borrow and spend money to the tune of 43 cents out of every dollar that we spend. >> host: so what are you seeing out there on that particular issue? what's your prescription, pardon the expression. >> guest: well, i oversaw the reform of medicaid in new mexico when i was governor of new mexico. we took it from a fee-for-service model to a managed care model. we saved hundreds of millions of dollars, we set up better health care networks for the poor in new mexico. i believe if the federal government would have block granted the state of new mexico 43% less money, done away with all the strings and the mandates that i could have effectively overseen the delivery of health care to the poor. i think you apply that same template to medicare, health care for those over 65, get the federal gov
know a lot of big money guys here. that money, from what i understand, is starting to be diverted to the house and senate races. that is not good news for mitt romney. >> cenk: there you have it on fox business saying it is over. they're diverting the money. we were going to count for you how many days it took before the recommendation gave in, and it turns out it only took 14 days after the tape was released showing mitt romney's 47% comment. that's when we start started the "countdown." it's already over. rich owners saying this guy cannot win let's at least try to save the senate and the house. damn that hurts. this is the reason why. right now "huffington post" with the announcement if the election was held today, when would be the likely outcome. he only needs 270 to win. even the associated press, which is much more conservative has president obama has 271 already locked up, which means he would win the election. romney is only at 206. furthermore the associated press says in order for mitt romney to win, he would have to switch all these states. he needs florida colorado,
like north carolina, our partner kantar media/cmag found that president obama and mitt romney have spent eight times more money this year on spanish- language ads than in 2008. npr's greg allen went to raleigh to explore how those ads were being used to target the growing hispanic population in the state, and the messages the candidates are using to appeal to this younger and economically hard-hit group of voters. he joins us now. good to have you with us. and greg, just to be clear. north carolina is getting a large share or at least a share of this hispanic advertising money but much of it you're reporting discovered is going to other states >> that's right, judy. i mean really when you look at it, half of all the advertising is being spent... hispanic language advertising is being spent in florida in like three markets. you have orlando, miami and tampa. that's where really the lion's share of this is going. then you take those steps, denver is getting aate lot of spanish-language advertising from both campaigns. also las vegas is. then you have a few other markets. raleigh is a
got obama and romney debating who is going to spend more money on medicare when we need to have a raging debate and discussion in this country on how we slash medicare spending or we find ourselves with no healthcare for those over 65. that's the alternative. the monetary collapse--excuse me quickly. a monetary collapse when the dollars we have in our pocket don't buy a thing because of the inflation that is going to go along with borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 of every dollar. >> cenk: ron paul seems to be saying the same thing do you but you haven't been able to capture them-- >> that's not the case. your ron paul supporter, i'm saying the same things as ron paul. i ran for the republican nomination. i thought it would be really hard to marginalize two people on stage saying the same thing ron paul and myself. i didn't find myself marginalized. i found myself down-right excluded while ron paul was marginalized. >> cenk: thank you so much for joining us. >> cenk, thank you much. >> cenk: all right running for president for the libertarian party. when we come bac
, careful and not swash buckling types but very carel, and calculating. >> maybe romney is not the great businessman we thought he was. lou: the money says diffently, what -- what do you think is going on here in libya? this artifice you know talk to fbi, and fbi agents investigating it in tripoli. >> this is run out of chicago by david and axelrod, they are trying to get through this economylection -- election. >> i think finally mainstream media which was out to lunch on this sto has begun to engage in the story, you see it now he, there "l.a. times" "new york times." lou: you chose out to lunch, i would go in the tank. >> in the tank. lou: ed klein thank you other of "the amateur." the box office showing some signs of life, animated comedy "hotehotel transylvania at num one. and "looper," and "end of watc watch." up next, no state bailouts. senator jim demint draws a line after the governor of illinois, they say he was floating the idea, he was desperate, and still is and begging for federal help. that means your money and minee to bailout the state o illinois. >> and the united state
'brien, in 1994 against kennedy and of course, in these primaries. >> mr. romney, the kennedys are not in public service to make money. we have paid too high a price in our commitment to the public service. >> senator kennedy, your question for mr. romney. >> mr. romney -- >> i'm sorry. was it my turn to respond. >> i was going to end it there. >> my suggestion about my comments in utah. let me complete it and you can ask me. >> do you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest if you want to become president of the united states, you have to let both people speak. >> romney's worst moment was this one. it was a year ago with rick perry. >> rick, again, i'm speaking. i'm speaking. i'm speaking. you get 30 seconds. this is the way the rules work here is i get 60 seconds and you get 30 seconds to respond. >> obama has done his best to test him on this. both men have been tripped up by looking patronizing to women. aggressive attacks made her less likely to romney and helped turn the race in his favor. the last week of their fight centered on whether romney had taken a se
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 105 (some duplicates have been removed)

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